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Waste Treatment And Disposal


Waste Treatment And Disposal

As far as the waste treatment and disposal on behalf of third parties is concerned, Nico SpA is recommended by the largest Italian and foreign oil companies, as well as chemical industries that are leaders of international importance.
Full transparency, Traceability, Use of Best Practices and Respect of all Legislations are the key features of Nico’s mission.

We offer the following services:

• Disposal of liquid, solid, special, dangerous and non-dangerous (all CER/EWC codes) industrial waste
• Recovery of industrial waste
• Disposal of industrial sludge
• Disposal of contaminated soil
• Disposal and Recycling of oily emulsions
• Waste transportation with authorized vehicles that are duly registered for such service
• Disposal of dangerous and non-dangerous liquid waste

Thanks to the availability of a large number of waste disposal plants owned by ourselves and third parties located outside of our region, we are able to dispose of any type of waste that is normally produced by refineries and petrochemical plants.