Nico srl

Health and Safety

Nico s.r.l. has as its main aim, that of operating while protecting the health and safety of its employees and of those visiting their worksites, in full respect of the environment and community as required by the Italian law and vigorous regulations. In this respect, Nico srl has implemented and continuously developed a safety management system in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001 and appointed a SAFETY – HEALTH – ENVIRONMENT (S.I.A.) committee that is responsible for the Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Protection management.
The purpose of the S.I.A. committee that operates under the direct supervision of the Company is to plan, develop and apply concrete measures aimed at Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Protection management.


The positions of the S.I.A. committee members are appointed by the Company, based on the roles within the Company, and external consultants, all in accordance with the provisions of Italian Law Decree num. 81/08.
Nico srl agrees to apply all necessary measures to ensure that work activities are being carried out in a safety environment. This year (2013) we aim at confirming the positive trend of results sighted during the last year (2012) and further improve the performance measures contained in our Score Card.

Objectives for this year:
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero violations
  • Zero contamination
  • Security in work