Our Services

Global Waste Management



With over 30 years of experience in the management of environmental activities, Nico offers private companies and public entities a full range of services in the field of special waste management and environmental emergency response.

Through its wide network of consolidated relationships and participations with companies of primary importance in the management of final destination platforms for special industrial waste, NICO positions itself as a leading company in the provision of services related to the disposal of any type of HAZARDOUS AND NON-HAZARDOUS waste, whether generated by production activities or by environmental remediation.

The integrated solutions proposed by NICO are always based on the respect of the criteria that privilege, according to the waste hierarchy, the treatment methods aimed at the recovery and reuse of the materials, in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards certified according to the international ISO.

The services provided by NICO include:

  • Study and analysis of the production cycle of the client and the study of the possibility of minimization and/or valorization of the production waste (ex. optimization of the processes and/or volumetric reduction etc.).
  • Waste characterization with sampling and analysis of chemical-physical classification.
  • Elaboration of personalized proposals on the needs of the Customer.
  • Preparation and drafting of Disposal Plans including the most efficient and competitive disposal solutions, with the identification of the most suitable disposal sites, always in compliance with sector regulations, environmental and economic sustainability.

  • Logistics planning and scheduling of deliveries.
  • Assistance in the management of documents and advice and support for the completion of all administrative tasks required by current legislation.


The study of personalized solutions, tailored to the needs of every single production reality, allows NICO to offer an efficient, fast and economical service. NICO operates in order to guarantee to its customers the continuous improvement of the processes connected to the waste and/or to the reclamations, with the continuous engagement of its resources for the efficiency of the supplied service, both from the qualitative point of view and having regard to the environmental and safety aspects.