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Enviromental Remediation


Enviromenmental Remediation

The remediation of a contaminated site is the set of all those interventions aimed at eliminating the sources of pollution and pollutants (or reduce concentrations below the legal limits) in the soil, subsoil and groundwater. This kind of activity is always preceded by preliminary study, operations of investigation and characterization and accompanied by an activity of consultancy and planning that interfaces the companies with the Bodies and the Control Authorities.

Nico s.r.l. is able to satisfy any need related to the various types of intervention in relation to the state of contamination and use of a site, and in particular to proceed with specificity to implement the main methods of intervention provided by the Environmental Consolidation Act:

environmental emergency safety interventions (set of interventions aimed at removing primary and secondary sources, to contain the spread of contaminants and prevent direct contact with the population).

– environmental safety intervention during normal operation (set of interventions applied on contaminated sites with production activities in operation, aimed at minimizing or reducing the risk to human health or the environment through the containment of contaminants within the boundaries of the site, the protection of environmental matrices, the gradual elimination of secondary pollutant sources through techniques that are compatible with the continuation of production activities carried out on the site).

reclamation and environmental restoration/permanent safety (set of interventions that can be carried out on contaminated sites not affected by production activities in operation in order to make them usable for the uses provided by urban planning tools).

After the elaboration of the most effective process of reclamation of the polluted areas, NICO intervenes exploiting its know-how and its resources to implement the most suitable type of intervention identified both on the basis of the degree of contamination and on the basis of the possible use of the area after the reclamation works.

The three categories of intervention are classified as follows

  • in-situ interventions: carried out without handling or removal of soil;
  • ex-situ interventions on site: with handling and removal of materials and polluted soil, but with treatment in the area of the site itself and possible reuse.
  • off-site ex-situ interventions: with handling and removal of materials and polluted soil outside the site itself, to send the materials to authorized treatment plants or landfills.