What Do We Do?


Nico srl is able to satisfy any need related to the various types of intervention in relation to the state of contamination and use of a site.

Nico srl is able to offer an Environmental Emergency Service according to certified modalities and procedures, holding service contracts with the most important Oil & Gas multinationals operating in EU.

Nico srl is able to apply different technologies for the volumetric reduction of the waste and therefore to achieve an important saving from the economic point of view.

Nico srl has been operating in the field of industrial plants demolition, with an adequate structure of qualified operators, equipment, and machinery suitable for the reclamation.

Nico srl offers private companies and public entities a full range of services in the field of special waste management and environmental emergency response.

The remediation of asbestos is one of the most significant and specialized interventions in the field of safety and restoration of buildings, plants and contaminated areas.

NICO Srl offers the transportation service of all types of wastes, hazardous and non-hazardous, liquid, solid, powdery and muddy.¬†NICO’s fleet of vechicles is made up of a vast selection of models , and therefore thanks to this NICO is able to guarantee a complete service to all its Customers.

NICO owns a large fleet of vehicles, work vehicles and industrial equipment for carrying out highly specialized work; NICO is able to provide its customers with short or long-term rental services with an operator.