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The term Decommissioning represents a series of decommissioning, strip-out and demolition activities that originate from the end of activity and use of real estate complexes, and from the planned closure and cessation of operations of industrial, chemical, petrochemical and energy plants.

NICO has been operating for over 20 years in the field of industrial plants demolition, with an adequate structure of qualified operators, equipment, and machinery suitable for the reclamation, demolition and removal of concrete and metal structures, the contextual asbestos removal and the management of the produced waste. 


The decommissioning needs, in its various cases and peculiarities, also a careful management of the authorization paths that NICO takes care of phase by phase, as for example the preparation of the Work Plan for the decommissioning of assets containing asbestos, the notification for the management of certain types of waste with particular characteristics of danger such as oily sludge, exhausted acids and spent catalysts, and the prefectural clearance for the management of materials contaminated by NORM and TENORM. In fact, NICO has a specific authorization issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, according to the ex-Legislative Decree n. 230/95 to perform, with the use of special equipment and suitable personnel, reclamation operations of plants and sites contaminated by Phosphoric Acid and Natural Radionuclides.