Nico srl

Policy for Health and Safety

The policy of Nico srl is that all activities are to be carried out protecting the life or property of its employees and for this reason Nico srl has for many years:

  • Initiated an environmental monitoring campaign meant to determine the number and type of chemicals and cancerogenic substances existing in the vessel, tanks and reactors where Nico srl team members operate according to the legislation of the Italian law;
  • Continuously performed research for the development of protection equipment suitable for operations in hazardous and non-hazardous conditions;
  • Regularly conducting a campaign for clinical, diagnostic, instrumental and biological exposure indication analysis;
  • Contracted private medical services that include medical checks and analysis, specific to every position within the company.

Nico srl strictly follows its own health and safety policies and continuous trainings are being held in order to raise awareness for all personnel.

  • Following the applicable safety and environmental legislation;
  • Minimizing exposure, where it is necessary, the number of workers in chemical and/or carcinogenic products/atmospheres;
  • Specific Health and Safety clauses are inserted in the individual labour contract, ensuring the acknowledgment of every employee regarding the health and safety rules that are to be strictly followed in performing the requirements of their position;
  • Contractors are selected according to the implemented quality management regulations;
  • Audits are performed on the existing working procedures and the corrective measures issued by the auditing council are successfully implemented;
  • The Quality Management System of Nico srl provides clear site management rules, following the client’s norms and regulations regarding the order and removal of all unnecessary materials on site;
  • All employees are given protection equipment that follow the applicable norms and legislation;
  • All employees are trained to the highest level, in order to ensure the best performance in their daily business.

To prevent the occurrence of major accidents with significant impact on the environment even outside of the plants the following rules must be followed:

  • Strictly following the internal regulations and directives of the client;
  • Immediately reporting all accidents, including those that have not generated any consequences;
  • Proper use of the equipment and means suitable for the type of works executed and the environment;
  • Reports issued to the client on any abnormal situation that might generate an emergency situation.

Nico srl strictly forbids the use of alcohol, drugs, and other similar substances. The use of these substances may have harmful effects on employee’s safety, efficiency and productivity.

Nico srl has the duty to:

  • Forbid during working hours the use of alcohol, drugs and similar substances;
  • Requests employees not to use alcohol and drugs outside working hours;
  • Perform, with prior notice legally required, drug testing and alcohol testing on its employees.