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Remediation of Asbestos



The remediation of asbestos is one of the most significant and specialized interventions in the field of safety and restoration of buildings, plants and contaminated areas.

In the category of asbestos substances fall many natural minerals all characterized by a composition of very fine fibers, which if inhaled or ingested can cause serious carcinogenic effects for humans.

Used in the past to produce a considerable number of manufactured products, with compact or friable matrix, with different characteristics and uses, materials containing asbestos (MCA) still represent a relevant public health problem.

NICO, thanks to the authorizations of which it disposes (being part of ANGA cat. 10B classe C) and to the experience acquired in the years with its interventions, guarantees the definitive resolution of the problem tied up to the presence of asbestos in the working environments and in the private living spaces, articulating its interventions according to the following steps:

– Census and preliminary risk assessment (detection, mapping, drawings, monitoring, analysis, reports);

– Design of the intervention (encapsulation or confinement or removal) and processing of administrative requirements (preparation and presentation of the relevant Work Plan);

– Execution of the removal, if the choice falls on this option, of the manufactured articles in MCA, if required the installation of substitutive materials, and the packaging according to the technical regulations in force (L. 257/99);

– Scheduling of disposal at the authorized platforms foreseen in the Disposal Plan;

– Loading, transport and transfer to the final disposal plant;

– Final monitoring and drafting of certificates of restitution of the reclaimed environments.