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Centrifugation and Waste Minimization Services


Centrifugation and Waste Minimization Services

Nico SpA has been working for many years in the centrifugation, cleaning and minimization services.

Thanks to the use of three-phase and two-phase centrifugation station, it is possible the recuparation of hydrocarbons (light phase) and minimization of the waste (solid phase) from the water phase to be disposed.

Nico SpA is working daily with the main industrial companies into their industrial pants in Italy.

We also take care of transportation and disposal of residual (solid phase) according with the nature of the waste.

Besided the centrifugation equipement, we also have static membarne filter able to work with high dehydratation capacity of the products from the main process.

Nico people are one of the best skilled team able to support the customers with technical and operating issues thanks to the multi-years experience gained on the field for industrial remediation service.