Reclamation Of Contaminated Sites

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Reclamation Of Contaminated Sites

Nico S.p.a. is able to satisfy all needs related to the cleaning, reclamation and decontamination of industrial sites, in compliance with the applicable laws concerning environment and safety, through surveys, planning and reclamation jobs for contaminated sites of various natures, such as: unrestrained dumps, idle or active productive sites, waste incineration plants, contaminated aquiferous stratums.

The survey and planning works include:

  • Characterization plans.
  • The characterization and interpretation of data.
  • Planning and emergency safety-rendering.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Planning of reclamation interventions.

In the planning stage, we indicate the most appropriate reclamation techniques in relation to the specific problem, recommending on site interventions, as they entail technologies with a minor environmental impact and are easily tolerated by the clients, such as:

  • Removal of contaminated material.
  • Soil washing.
  • Air sparging.
  • Bioventing.
  • Biopile.
  • Landfarming.
  • Microbiological barriers.

Our company is registered in the official list of companies for the categories 4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and is authorized by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the legislative decree n°230 from 17.3.1995 to carry out, with the use of special equipment and suitable personnel, reclamation operations of sites that are contaminated with phosphoric acid and natural radionuclides.