Catalyst Handling

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Catalyst Handling

NICO has been carrying out catalyst handling activities, such as loading, unloading, screening, etc since the early 80's. With the use of modern and qualified secure techniques, equipment and communication systems, our NICO technicians are able to work in toxic and/or explosive atmospheres, where maximum safety standards are required when it is necessary to have the atmosphere inert.

Main activities that are carried out in this sector are:

- Blinding equipment for the opening and closing of manholes.
- Repairing, installing and removing internal parts within reactors and vessels
(lining, grids, trays, plates, etc).
- Totally and or partially removing catalysts from single bed or multiple bed reactors.
- Catalyst unloading from the bottom of the reactor together with on site or off site screening.
- Catalyst unloading from the top of the reactor using a special vacuum truck equipped with a cyclone separator.
- Screening of catalysts and inerts of all sizes.
- Filling of catalysts into drums or containers following all legal requisites for their transportation.
- Catalysts and Inerts Reactor Loading, including Sock and Dense Loading (Densicat© license system which is patented by Total).
- Recirculation of inert gas during catalyst unloading using a vacuum and cooling unit.
- Internal inspections with the use of digital color cameras equipped with monitors and digital recorders (dvr).
- Passivation of the internal lining of reactors and vessels.

Main contracts and references: 

SASOL ITALY (chemical plants of Terranova dei Passerini (MI), Sarroch (CA), Augusta (SR)
ENI ITALY (refineries of Gela (CL), Taranto, Sannazzaro de' Burgondi (PV), Livorno)  
VERSALIS (sites of San Donato (MI), Settimo Milanese (MI), Porto Marghera (VE), Mantova, Ferrara, Ravenna, Porto Torres (SS), Sarroch (CA), Brindisi, Priolo (SR), Ragusa, Gela (CL)
Exxon Mobil (refineries of Augusta (SR), Trecate (NO)
LUKOIL - ISAB ITALY (refinery of Priolo (SR) 
RAM ITALY, jv ENI/Q8 (refinery of Milazzo (ME)  

ROMPETROL (refinery of Navodari, Romania)
MELLITAH Complex (refinery of Mellitah, Libya)
MOL (refinery of Duna, Budapest, Hungary)
UGDC (refinery of Port Said, Egypt)
AMOC (refinery of Alexandria, Egypt)
PAZ (refinery of Ashdod, Israel)